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Car Organizer "Magic Box" Large-Capacity & Waterproof Owleys $119.99 $89.99
Smart & compact design
Our Magic Box organizer is fully collapsible – you can easily fold it up when not in use to save space. It is suitable for all car models, and you can use it in your front seat, back seat, or even in the trunk. Plus, it fits perfectly between two child seats or two passengers in the back!
Magic Box Car Organizer Size
Level up your car storage game
Magic Box Car Organizer Description 1
Ultimate storage space
Large compartment with a removable divider, eight side pockets and two front pockets can hold everything you need on the road – from drinks to gadgets. Plus, the lid works as a backseat table!
Magic Box Car Organizer Description 2
Sturdy and stable design
Crafted from wear-resistant 600D Oxford fabric and eco-leather, this organizer has solid walls and holds its shape perfectly even if fully loaded. The inner lining is completely waterproof to protect against any leaks.
Magic Box Car Organizer Description 3
Convenient for on the go
Our portable Magic Box organizer has a wide and durable nylon carrying strap that is easily adjustable and detachable. Perfect for family picnics and outdoor activities, instead of taking a pile of travel bags!

Please use a damp cloth, soft brush and mild detergent to remove any stains.

No, it has a non-slip bottom layer that prevents sliding.

Sure! From glasses to plastic cups, these pockets provide a durable hold (best for containers up to 1 liter though).

Yes, but we would recommend using ice packs, as regular ice cubes will sink to the bottom and melt. Despite the organizer being waterproof, this would render your ice useless.

The lid can be fully detached with a zipper. You can remove it or use it separately if needed.

Yes, of course you can – the lid is sturdy enough to work as a portable desk or a play table.

51 reviews for Car Organizer “Magic Box” Large-Capacity & Waterproof Owleys

  1. Suresh Batra

    I bought this thing to keep all my car cleaning stuff organized in my trunk. And it really does the job! I was worried that I got one that was too big, but it turns out, I’m glad I got the larger size! All my car cleaning supplies fit nicely in the different compartments. So far, this product is really great! It helps me keep everything organized and tidy.

  2. Stephanie Prine

    I want to thank you for helping me appear organized. I really didn’t like the mess in the front seat, but this tool made it look like I had everything in order. Even if I was actually a bit disorganized, I knew that this organizer held all the important things, so I didn’t accidentally throw away anything valuable when cleaning out the car. It actually saved me money! I used to hate it when my partner would throw away things that were still good when we cleaned the car.

  3. Jill Chapman

    This tool is incredible! I’m a mom with four kids, and I have to keep a lot of things like medicine and clothes for all of us. Before, my trunk was a mess with five different plastic storage bins and a snack bin. But now, I only need this one organizer! It looks great when I open the trunk to put groceries in, and nothing is sliding around or spilling out. If you like to stay organized and carry a lot of stuff, this is the perfect tool for you!

  4. Dacia Burkett

    This was exactly what I was looking for! Good sturdy quality and size for the price. This does the job! ⭐️

  5. Rabiah Jackson

    I finally found a solution for all the stuff in my front car seat! I got this awesome organizer that lets me arrange everything just the way I want it. I’ve got a spot for a tissue box, water bottle, phone, car charger, snacks, tablet, pen, sunglasses, and more. It’s so handy because now I can grab whatever I need without even looking away from the road. It’s like having a designated spot for everything. This little organizer is really great!

  6. Deb Young

    I’m the only one who drives my car, so I keep all my little things (like gloves, tissues, lip gloss, pen, notepad, phone, etc.) on the front passenger seat. I used to use a small plastic container, and even though things were jumbled up, it was okay. But the problem arose when someone rode with me unexpectedly. They would just put the container on the back seat, and it would slide off, causing a mess. I was searching for an organizer that was convenient, not too big, had compartments, wouldn’t slide off the seat when I stopped suddenly, and had a handle for easy carrying. This organizer is one of the most useful things I’ve ever bought. It has great dividers that can be flattened to fit a box of tissues, plenty of compartments for all my stuff, a fantastic handle, and a velcro strap that holds it in place even during stops and starts. It even has little mesh pockets for my notepad and pen, a pocket for my phone, and places for my gloves. Best of all, it’s very affordable. I absolutely love this item!

  7. Gary Engstrom

    My roommate always has stuff moving around in his car’s trunk, and he needed something to keep it neater. So, I bought him a trunk organizer as a gift because I already have one myself. He saw mine and always said he needed to get one, but sometimes he doesn’t follow through, so I got it for him. He really likes it. Now he can easily find things stored in his trunk, and if he needs more space, he can quickly fold it down. He can also load things into his trunk without dealing with the stuff that had moved around before he had the organizer.

  8. Hoke Rose

    I really like this product! It helps me keep my car trunk neat and tidy. I’ve had it for a few weeks now, and it’s amazing. I don’t hear things shifting around anymore because it stays in place so well. It’s the biggest size available for the VW Jetta’s trunk. If you’re considering organizing your trunk, I highly recommend this product to everyone! It still leaves me with enough space to enjoy my hobbies like camping, hiking, going to the shooting range, and even grocery shopping if necessary.

  9. Carol Mayo

    My husband always complains that I bring too much food and supplies for our camping trips. I understand because we have limited space in our Jeep Gladiator with our big dog and two kids. But when you go camping, you need more than the usual stuff. This organizer held everything we needed for our kitchen and safety supplies. It kept everything nicely packed, so we had plenty of space to put our sleeping bags and backpacks on top. My husband really liked it. We could fit everything from food, paper products, and dog food to trash bags, bug repellent, and grill tongs. We loaded it up in the house and carried it to the truck without any stability issues.

  10. Connie Li

    I wish I had found this earlier! Nowadays, I often forget to bring my shopping bag, but this is amazing! It’s perfect for when I’m going to the store for a few things and don’t want them flying around in the trunk. The dividers are really useful too. However, even though I bought the large size, I think I’ll get the extra-large size because it’s a bit too small for my car. I drive a 2021 Chevy Blazer, and I feel like the extra-large size would be just right. I highly recommend this thing though!

  11. Tom Farnham

    This is great! The material is strong and keeps my things organized. No more things rolling around in the trunk.

  12. Sue Findley

    I bought two of these, and I’m planning to give one to my daughter. It feels strong and durable, and for now, I have my wipes, sunglasses, and tissues in it. It can also hold drinks easily and sits nicely on the seat. I like that I can rearrange the compartments to fit whatever I need to put in it.

  13. Sherri Gould

    I bought this thing to keep all my car cleaning stuff organized in my trunk. And it really does the job! I was worried that I got one that was too big, but it turns out, I’m glad I got the larger size! All my car cleaning supplies fit nicely in the different compartments. So far, this product is really great! It helps me keep everything organized and tidy.

  14. Paul Stone

    My trunk was always messy, with my volleyball and car cleaning solutions rolling around whenever I turned. When I went grocery shopping, I had to place everything on top of the mess. But then I discovered a small trunk organizer, and it made a big difference! Now I have a designated space for my grocery bags, and there are no more things rolling around. The organizer has velcro on the bottom, so it stays in place. If your car doesn’t have a carpeted floor, it also comes with straps. I chose a large size for my Jeep Renegade, although there was an even bigger option available. I wanted some room for my groceries. So, if you’re tired of having a messy trunk, I recommend getting yourself one of these organizers.

  15. Keenan Williams

    I’ve got this awesome thing on my passenger seat and I’m totally loving it! It makes it so simple to move all my stuff when I have passengers in the car. What’s really cool is how easily the dividers adjust to fit larger things. I’ve got all sorts of useful items in there like a tire repair kit, wipes, paper towels, and a water bottle. And those little pockets are perfect for holding insurance cards, pens, and small notebooks. It’s like a super convenient storage space right next to me!

  16. Stephen Smith

    A MUST-HAVE for road trips! I recently purchased this car organizer, and now I can’t imagine a road trip without it. The organizer fits comfortably in the back seat, offering a substantial storage solution without encroaching on passenger space. I was able to pack all of my road trip essentials, snacks, and then some. The waterproofing feature is just the cherry on top. During a recent trip, a bottle of soda toppled over and, to my relief, no inch of my car’s upholstery was damaged.

    The aesthetic is also pleasing – this color scheme matches my solid black car interior perfectly. Lastly, the quality of the materials used is commendable. The organizer is well-constructed, sturdy, and feels like it will last for years. It’s an investment that I’m glad to have made. Thank you Owleys team, I will definitely recommend this brand to others.

  17. Brends Ryan

    I purchased this item for the rear of my police vehicle, and it has been a real game-changer in enhancing my organization skills. Despite initial concerns about its size, it has proven itself quite satisfactory. I funded this purchase personally and found it to be a great value, not causing a financial strain. I would certainly suggest this for Law Enforcement Officer applications, particularly when departments are hesitant to invest in organization tools for their issued equipment in SUVs or car trunks.

  18. Christopher Ellison

    Just got this car organizer and it’s everything I hoped for! The capacity is huge, the material is solid, and the waterproof feature is excellent. 5 stars!

  19. Craig Hartman

    I’ve had my fair share of experiences with car organizers, but this one from Owleys has been a game-changer for my on-the-road routine. The size is perfect – it doesn’t cramp up my space, but it stores a ridiculous amount of stuff. I keep everything from my kids’ toys to my gym gear in there and still have room to spare. Plus, it looks really nice and elegant, unlike other cheaper models. Definitely worth every penny!

  20. Daniel Wolloch

    too bukly

  21. Rand Reynolds

    Love this car organizer! Makes my life so much easier by keeping everything in its place. Totally recommended for families!

  22. Jeff Blum

    While this car organizer has a large capacity and plenty of pockets, it is a bit bulky and takes up a lot of space in my car’s backseat.I think this product is a good option for those who need a lot of storage space, but may not hold up as well over time as some other car organizers on the market.

  23. George McKay

    Great product. The organizer is very spacious and has plenty of pockets and compartments to fit everything a family needs during a long road trip. Works great for two passengers in the backseat, esp kids

  24. Linda Smith

    Highly recommend this product if you look for a way to keep your car clutter-free! It fits perfectly in the back seat and is made of very sturdy material. Love the pockets and compartments for all of my items!

  25. James Sheridan

    I recently purchased the magic box organizer and found it to be a useful tool for keeping my items organized while traveling. It’s well-made and the compartments are the perfect size for storing items like toiletries, jewelry, and other small items. The only downside I found was that it was a bit bulky to carry around, but all in all it was a good purchase.

  26. David McCulloch

    High quality,big,portable travel organizer.No issues,everything as described.

  27. Sheryl Spivey

    LOVE my new organizer! It’s actually large and on our last road trip I put all the snacks and drinks for our family of 5 in it. Very clever that the top can be used as a table! Kids also love that there are separate holders for their drinks and side pockets for their stuff. Great, great thing! Thank you owleys!

  28. Richard Old

    Received this organizer a week ago. Good quality. Have not yet tried it during road trips, but it looks very convenient to use while traveling ,especially in the back seat.

  29. Sandy Lieberman

    😍👍thank you

  30. Phil Rea

    nice car organizer, although much bigger than I expected

  31. Vanessa Janusz

    We keep this organizer in the back next to my daughter’s child seat. A very handy item. Enough space for all her toys, books, pencils and other little things she likes to have on a road trip. We only add drinks and food. All in one place which is just perfect. Thank you!

  32. Martha Tallent

    Great organizer for picnics and family road trips. Big and convenient. Fits well between two child seats.

  33. Carla Sartin

    Now this is my favorite car organizer! I received my order a month ago. I purchased this to keep in the back seat with my son. Inside, I stored everything that was lying in my car and didn’t have its place. And I use the pockets to store my son’s toys, snacks and drinks. So convenient! My son also loves the lid and uses it as a table. High-quality, stylish, and really versatile organizer! Thanks a lot!

  34. Anthony Russo

    good vehicle organizer fit properly for our suv back seat thank you

  35. Mike Gavney

    Completely satisfied with my new car organizer! Perfect thing to have in the back when driving with my grandkids. Thank you for such a smart product and fast delivery!

  36. Roger Bronstein

    Absolutely in love 😍

  37. David Calvert

    Excellent organizer, everything as described. The quality is very good, and the design is versatile and convenient. Met all my expectations. 5 stars

  38. Jeremy Hilton

    Love this backseat organizer, the quality is amazing. Everything fits in size, I store it between two child seats. Our family is absolutely happy with the purchase. We will also use it for our nature trips. Get one, you won’t regret it!

  39. Louis Okon

    I ordered this backseat organizer as a gift and received it in just 3 days, in beautiful packaging, so I gave my gift in it. The organizer itself is of wonderful quality! All seams are straight, everything is just perfect! Big, convenient, stylish 😍 Thank you Owleys!

  40. Lynda Ludtke

    the organizer looks cool, comfortable, easy to assemble and you can put a lot of things inside! great thing for the family!

  41. Sharon Polanski

    I was very pleased with the fast delivery, only 3 days. The quality of this back seat organizer is just fine! But since I only have one child, half of the pockets turned out to be useless, we simply have nothing to store in them.

  42. Cheryl Frazier

    this car seat organizer is ideal for families with two children. we have twins and each now has toys, pens, gadgets, and other stuff on their side. on the lid they draw and play together. pockets on the front for both their drinks. it’s a WOW, thanks a lot

  43. James Kenny

    We live near a park and took this portable organizer especially for picnics. Awesome thing! The food stays hot, there is a lot of space inside, and the carrying strap is adjustable, which is very convenient for us. We are very satisfied with the purchase and recommend it. Thanks!

  44. Ardalan Issa

    I received this car organizer as a gift from my father, and I don’t understand what I did without it before… kids use it as a table to play together and store their toys and pencils in pockets. I also put blankets and pillows for them inside. literally the best thing I’ve ever had in my car.

  45. Clark Sheerar

    Cool back seat organiser, but we simply put it in the back seat and left it there. We don’t need the carrying strap at all.

  46. Judith Levin

    Fits in a ford C-MAX perfectly in the back seat and in the trunk. Materials look durable and packaging was nice. Worth the price!

  47. Cindy Woods

    LOOOOVE THIS CAR ORGANIZER!!! great sewing, strudy walls and the removable inner divider is very convenient to remove and install when needed… a must-have for family travel!!

  48. Ernie Bojrab

    got one for toyota sienna, fits perfectly in the back seat. looks amazaing with brown leather interior

  49. Karl Childs

    This one back seat organizer can replace several similar ones!!! Great functionality and materials. Love it and will definitely buy more as a gift for my friends with kids

  50. Gretchen Tregaskis

    super convenient for family road trips, picnics and nature trips. we store food, drinks, utensils, towels in it. keeps the temperature of hot meals and cold water for 1-2 hours.highly recommend

  51. William Share

    Classy rear seat organizer. We have two kids and often travel together, so this thing helps us a lot. Nice materials, many pockets and the tray-lid is just awesome :)) thank you

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